Reely & NVIDIA

UI/UX Design & Development

Client  :  NVIDIA, Reely
Our Role  :  UI/UX, Streaming Video, Creative, Design, Development

Founded in 2017, Reely uses state-of-the-art AI to process clips, highlights and condensed games of both sporting and eSports events.

In 2018 Reely partnered with Nvidia, inventor of the GPU, to demonstrate the power of both Reely’s AI and Nvidia’s latest DGX system, which is built specifically for AI.

To truly demonstrate the power of these systems, Reely wanted to show how their AI can process over 50 games simultaneously, while using Nvidia’s DGX-1 box. Plucky was brought onboard to design and develop a user interface for the demonstration.  Reely required something that is both eye-catching and easy to understand. The result, a demo that shows 50+ games playing on the screen simultaneously, while the underlying AI automatically created highlight clips for each game in real time. These replay clips were available in the database as viewable, taggable and ready for editorial or broadcast use immediately.
With the enormous amount of source material and subsequent ancillary replay clips, the interface had to be clean, easy to understand and use, or it quickly becomes overwhelming. Initially intended for use at GTC (GPU Technology Conference), the demo was so successful that Nvidia took it on the road, traveling to Nvidia conferences across the globe.