Mobile Agent

Client  :  Mobile Agent
Our Role  :  App Development, AWS Management, Chrome Extension, Beta Testing, Design, Development

Mobile Agent set out to help insurance agents accomplish three goals: acquire new business, improve client retention and increase profitability by creating a website and app combination that shows an agent’s client and prospect database mapped out.

Following an initial design and development phase outside of Plucky, Mobile Agent came to us to help accomplish what they couldn’t on their own. Taking over a project mid-development is always a challenge, but challenges don’t scare us at Plucky. Challenges we charge at head-first.

The number one issue Mobile Agent was experiencing was a lack of user engagement. To help improve this Plucky began by doing an in depth review of the site, noting recommendations from most to least important. Additionally, we built a dynamic notification system, that tracks all logins and notifies the user each day of clients that were nearby and are also up for renewal.
In addition to increasing user engagement, Plucky also improved the overall look and design, including the user interface and user experience. One of the biggest UI/UX improvements were the changes made the import process. To make the process dramatically easier, we built a custom Chrome extension and automated as much as possible.
Since taking over the project, we have launched the beta to the public! As Mobile Agent continues improving during beta, the user base also continues to grow. The site and app are easier to use than ever, leading to an overwhelmingly good response from both the client and users of the app.