Client  :  Lionsgate
Director  :  Robert Schwentke
Our Role  :  Creative, Design, Compositing, Animation, 3D Stereo, VFX

Insurgent is the second film in Lionsgate’s Divergent franchise, and Plucky’s first collaboration on the series.

Director Robert Schwentke wanted the production company logos to be a part of the film. So Plucky was tasked with making the logos and opening a hologram integrated in the opening scene. This also became the basis for a saga sell that reminded the audience about the faction system. We worked closely with the VFX team to ensure our work was seamlessly in the visual language of the film.

In the MOE, the faction symbols literally disintegrate as their organized counterparts did in the plot of the film. Little flecks of decay, like the individuals who were members of a faction, lose their unique identity and coalesce into the symbol for the factionless.

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