Client  :  Sony
Director  :  Paul Feig
Our Role  :  Creative, Design, Compositing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX

Paul Feig's fresh take on the hit 80s classic was one of Plucky's greatest challenges to date.

Plucky's objective in the main on end titles was to give an up-close and personal look at the Ghostbusters' technology. By way of the proton beam, the audience is taken on a journey throughout the supernatural world of the city, culminating in the iconic no-ghost logo.

For the end crawl, the goal: keep the audience in their seats and entertained through the whole of the credits. The result: an astounding crawl, in both 2D and stereo, jam-packed with dazzling visuals, top-notch animation, and a slew of clever references to the film.

Main on End Titles End Crawl